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Options and Packages

When a magic show is simply not enough!

The Birthday Party Magic Shows

I offer several packages to cover most situations in terms of budget, length of show, and optional extras. Just ask for your Birthday Party Planning and Pricing Guide and book your date.

Balloon Animals

Ballon sculpting is always a popular option for bithday parties and other eventsRegardless of age, a balloon animal or sophisticated balloon sculpture is always appreciated.

At a birthday party this may take the form of individually crafted creations for each guest following the show. If budget is an issue, pre-made creations can be ordered in advance and delivered at the time of the performance.The Party Magician and some of his balloon creations

At a festival, fair or community event, a “balloon line” is always popular; guests line up and request their choice of creation.

Balloons can be scheduled as a stand-alone offering or can be added to any other type of show.


Just what the name suggests, a short teaching segment, about 30 minutes, after a show in which the children all learn one magic trick. As in all of my workshops, everything is supplied for the lesson. At the end of the party, each child goes home with that trick, ready to perform.


This is a larger version of the Teach-A-Trick offering, above, designed specifically as an add-on to my birthday party programs. The mini-workshop run about 45 minutes and teaches three tricks. There are four different programs to choose from.

Mini-Workshop Overview

Full Workshops

A welcome alternative to a magic show with two different 2-hour programs to choose from. These are hands-on learning opportunities, and as always, everything is provided.


Loot Bags

Whether you call it a “gift bag”, a “goody bag” or a “loot bag,” these are now a very common part of the birthday party experience. They might contain candy or small food items, a puzzle or game, crayons, and small novelty items or toys.

If you are hosting a magical birthday party, you might wish to consider adding a magic-themed item to your own loot bags or choose our fully-loaded and ready-to-distribute loot bags.

Loot Bags

Loot bags and party favours How to put together the perfect birthday party for your child Teach- A- Trick Work- shops Magic Shows Balloons Loot Bags