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British entertainer and mind reader Paul Brook wrote a post called, “Respect Your Entertainer”.


In it he writes …

Professional entertainers typically spend:

  • 1+ hours of prepping (email, consults, phone calls, etc.)
  • 2+ hours of loading and unloading of equipment, sound checking, preparing their show and outfit.
  • 7+ hours of everything else (driving, posting, ordering, preening, etc)

for each and every performance. And that does not include the performance itself.

They also spend thousands of dollars on equipment, marketing, supplies and costumes/performance clothing, not to mention the countless hours of practicing and rehearsing of their skill.

They don’t get paid holidays or sick days. They don’t get bonuses for outstanding performances. They often don’t have pension plans (except for the ones they create for themselves) and 20% – 40% of their profit goes straight into taxes.

Please, understand that they are business owners and they have a love of entertaining but that love won’t pay the bills.

Please respect your entertainer!


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