Pheasant Run Golf Club
Sharon, Ontario

Dear Ron,

Attempting to find a social activity that appeals to our wide demographic of staff has always been a challenge for us. We employ many part-time retirees as well as energetic and distracted students. It is hard to find an entertainment or activity that engages everyone and we often put a lot of energy into an event only to find that we didn’t connect with some part of our audience.

Your performance solved that problem for us very nicely. You managed to connect with every segment of our staffeven reigning in the sometimes boisterous youth! Everyone called upon participated with enthusiasm and I could see from the looks on their faces that you truly did amaze many of us.

Your show was fast paced, with elements of humour and just the right length to be a perfect complement to our Staff Tournament. We like to show appreciation for our staff’s work with events that are beyond their expectation and your show certainly did that.

Thanks for making it a great evening!

Craig Evans