Ramara Chamber of Commerce

Brechin, Ontario

I first saw Ron Guttman at our Christmas Party. When I heard he was a magician I was curious as I had heard that he had performed at a local children's party. One of our coordinators had seen him at this event and hired him for our party. But this was an adult party and what was it going to be like? Well let me tell you. He was AMAZING.

Years ago I used to watch “The Amazing Kreskin” on TV as a kid and I was so thrilled to actually be at a show with Ron performing his magical skills. The room was filled with bewilderment.

At every act he performed, we all looked at each other in amazement saying, “How did he do that.” It was like we were looking through the eyes of children in astonishment.

I was totally amazed and in awe for the whole performance. I don't know how he does it but he is unbelievable. I would totally recommend you catching one of his shows.

Marlene Dwight

Testimonial letter from The Ramara Chamber of Commerce