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Intelligent. Sophisticated. Intellectually stimulating. Your guests may ask, “Is it real?”

Shows for Grownups

Mental Blocks

Ron Guttman - Mentalist- I may just know what you're thinkingMental Blocks is a sophisticated and intellectually stimulating program of cutting-edge entertainment designed for a grownup audience. Your guests will be treated to an engaging performance that features cerebral and mental magic at its finest and incorporates a full array of thought reading demonstrations, unique plots and bizarre stories.

The show is highly interactive — everyone becomes a part of the show which features more sleight-of-mind than sleight-of-hand. The magic happens in the hands and minds of your audience.

By the end of the show your guests will have been taken on a journey of exploration of the inner mind and outer funny-bone. When they go home, many will be asking, “Is it real?”

This show is guaranteed to amaze and entertain and is suitable for an audience of just about any size, from a living room to a full-length after-dinner offering at an awards dinner, wedding reception, sales meeting, or corporate retreat.

Quick Facts

Tricky Bits

The Party Magician performs a really large 3-card monteTricky Bits offers a magical experience that is targeted specifically to a grownup audience. The show features both classical and contemporary magic with a little something for everyone: magic, comedy, mystery and plenty of audience participation.

Like all of Ron’s shows, this one is also high-energy, and the performance is diverse, engaging and entertaining.

This show has been receiving enthusiastic response from retirement residences in the Greater Toronto Area as it is able to cater to audiences with limited mobility.

Download One-Sheet PDFThere is truly something for everyone!.

And you all had a free choice of chair and number ...

Selected Testimonials

“Ron’s magic is a class act; very polished and entertaining.

Our senior’s group thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Thanks, Ron. We hope to have you again in the future.”

Liz Lightfoot

55 Plus Club, Stouffville

“It was a great show and people really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend Mr. Guttman!”

Carina Garzon, Richmond Hill

“Love that you brought fun props and told jokes!”

Melissa Foster

Jackson Creek Retirement Residence

“Everyone really enjoy your … great show!”

Morgan Gheast

Chester Village

“Absolutely fantastic show!

Very engaging and stimulating. Thanks for the experience, Ron!!”

Ryan Jones

Royal Henley Retirement Community

“Great connection between you and the audience. Your show keeps them laughing.”

Nancy Good

Tranquility Place Retirement Community

“It is hard to find an entertainment or activity that engages everyone and we often put a lot of energy into an event only to find that we didn’t connect with some part of our audience.

Your performance solved that problem for us very nicely. You managed to connect with every segment of our staff – even reigning in the sometimes boisterous youth! Everyone called upon participated with enthusiasm and I could see from the looks on their faces that you truly did amaze many of us.”

Craig Evans, President

Pheasant Run Golf Club

“Ron’s show was entertaining and geared towards the residents. A great change for your entertainment needs.

Ron was personable and great with our residents. It was a fun hour!”

Tammy Elder

Legion Village


“Ron’s performance is mind blowing. Just when you think you know how he did it, you’re all wrong! He had everyone’s attention from start to finish.”

Laura Mykyjewicz

Markville Chevrolet

“Great show.

“Never thought you would come up with ‘Alice Cooper Golf Monster’!”

Carlin Barwell

“The one-hour show after dinner had a variety of illusions with audience interaction for all. Each individual was left with a shocked expression and the unanswered question of “How’d he do it?”

Elizabeth Crouse

Office Administrator, Finance Department

Toronto Star Newspapers Limited

“Our club members really enjoyed the performance. By the end of the evening the sceptics were onside. Ron’s ability to bring the audience into his act and have them take part in the magic is part of his charm. Truly an enjoyable and memorable evening.”

Julie Scott

Rotary Club of Orillia

“It was wonderful to hear our staff laugh and to see them relax and enjoy themselves. Ron played a major role in achieving this.”

Anne Huffman, HR Manager NA

Sungard Sherwood Systems


“It was appreciated by the group that the language and jokes were quite appropriate and respected the values and dignity of the women.”

Rosemary Albon

Loretto Abbey Convent


Marlene Dwight (Ramara Chamber of Commerce) enjoying Mental Blocks show Rosa M. (North York) enjoying a laugh at Mental Blocks Bev M. (Brechin) enjoying a laugh at Mental Blocks show Karen J. (Brechin) picking a word for the mentalist to find The drawing is flat. And dry. How did you do that? Melissa C. (Brantford) enjoying the great outdoors and a card trick Stephanie G. (North York) has a secret card in mind Kat W. (Toronto) showing the audience her selcted card Enn V. (Listowel) upstaging the mentalist Janice S. (Kingston) says that's not my card! Jenny L. (Markham) concentrating on a freely chosen word of thousands

Quick Facts

Download One-Sheet PDF