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Seems people who book The Party Magician have lots of good things to say about his shows!

More Testimonials And Reviews

“Thank you for the wonderful show. The residents were in awe and enjoyed every moment. They were so happy to have such a great talent come to their home.”

Name withheld by request

“The children found the show very entertaining and very interactive. The adults also found the show enjoyable, even via Skype, all the way in the Yukon!”

Chris & Amy Kent

Stoney Creek

“Fun and entertaining.

The residents enjoyed the fact that it was a different form of entertainment for them.”

Dawn McKirdy

The Meadowlands Retirement Home

“The show was a hit! Ron involved many members of the audience and kept everyone’s rapt attention.”

Mottie Feldman

North York

“I just want to say again how happy I am and I know the others are with your performance on Sunday.  With all your experience, I’m sure you know exactly when you have the audience in the palm of your hand, but as a layman, I can tell you that the, “Wows!” and the. “How did he do thats?”  were there throughout the whole hour.”

Sam Hoffer

Drildzer Society

[The show] was quite funny and captured the attention of the children in the audience along with the adults.”

Debbie Bailey, Sales Manager

CFRM 101.1

Little Current

“The children loved your magic tricks, especially the one with the Coke bottle! The campers also shared just how much they loved the interaction on stage. It was a great performance that maintained the interest of a large audience with varying age groups.”

Jen Clark

Coordinator, Summer Kids Series

Cecil Community Centre


“The event was a great success due to the first-class and enthusiastic performance ...”

Corey Mandell,

Mandell Entertainment Group

“Excellent entertainment that kept the audience of magicians hanging on to the very last word. His last effect ... was a winner.”

Derek Finn, President, Ring 49,

International Brotherhood of Magicians


“You were great! Many people said to me afterwards how much they enjoyed your sleight of hand and antics. Your performance surely will be remembered.”

Karen Harder

Partners for Meaningful Living


“Your show was very enjoyable to all and I was especially pleased at your ability to address an audience varying so greatly in age. Truly there was something for everyone.”

Matt Fuchs

Computer Application Systems, Inc.

Richmond Hill

“I am writing to express our appreciation for the very enjoyable magic show that you put on for our Christmas party. The boys were thrilled and talked about the show for some time afterwards. The parents that attended clearly enjoyed the show too.”

Ed Johnson

Beaver Leader

140th Beaver Colony, Toronto

“The party was an enormous success … Your performance made for a more enjoyable event ...”

Kirk Shearer, President & CEO

Tourism Toronto

“We really loved the show.”

Sarah Mandy

Transitional and Supportive Housing Services

York Region

“Nice injection of humor!”

Dan Harlan

Comedian & Magical Inventor

Las Vegas

“The audience response echoed the success of Ron’s performance.”

Gary Wiseman

“The Linking Ring”


“Ron performed a very nice and quick version of the Chinese Sticks. It is always a pleasure to see a classic trick like the Chinese Sticks done so well.”

Jeff Pinsky

Browser’s Den of Magic


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