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The Party Magician, live and on-stage, right here on your small screen!

Performance Videos

The Party Magician Performance Videos

Ron’s Classical Newspaper Routine

Ron’s signature openinThe Torn and Restored Newspaperg routine is a true classic of magic and Ron performs it like no one else. Watch carefully and you’ll see the newspaper as it is torn into pieces and visually restored.

This is a large file and may take a while to download.

View Newspaper Routine

View Newpaper Routine

Ron’s Ragtime Rope Routine

Ron's Ragtime Rope RoutineRon’s latest show opener - a Keystone Cops style take on a classic of magic. Watch carefully as the ropes stretch and shrink before your very eyes.

View Rope Routine

View Rope Routine

Ron’s Magical Sketch Pad

Monique D. (Niagara Falls) and the magic sketch padThis performance was recorded live on an iPhone during a charity fund raiser at a downtown bar, Christmas, 2009. The lighting and sound quality are limited making the effect a little hard to follow at times. But, listen to the capacity crowd’s reaction at the conclusion of the effect!

View Sketch Pad

View Sketch Pad

Here Comes Santa Claus!

The Party Magician magically transports Santa Claus from the North PoleRecorded live at 1000 Islands Mall in Brockville, Ontario. Watch as Ron magically transports Santa Claus from his comfortable chair in front of the fire at the North Pole to the 100s of waiting children. That’s what he says! Listen carefully, it’s buried under the enthusiastic response of the audience!

View Santa’s Arrival Video

View Santa's Arrival